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Recent exhibitions:


Roy King                      

Dave Mason       

Tom Dingley       

Nigel Tradewell   

Stephen Brockerton

Izzi Ramsay         

Our Villages – London Villages Project (SE London selection)

Anita Chandra    

Crossing Lines     

Fifth Greenwich Annuale – London Independent Photography 

The Thorpe Archive

Crossing Lines     

Trevor Crone       

Anita Strasser      

Peter Kent           

Tony Othen          

John Morgan         

Mike Curry           

Dave Mason         

Nigel Tradewell     

Rona Campbell     

Peter Luck            

Julia Hodgson:      

Greenwich Community College

Finder Photography Group

LIP Annuale

Vanilla Beer Paintings

Tony Othen          

Mike Maisey         

Peter Kent           

Dave Mason         

LIP Annuale

Vivien Davies       

Peter Kent           

Tony Othen         


Crowds - prize contest with

Light Chaser prize contest with

North West Kent College

Romeo photos            

Urban Photo Fest 2015 "Framing Urban Narratives"

Trevor Crone

Jim Hoad "Greenwich Near and Far"

Peter Kent "The Birth of a New City"

facebook Photo Triggers

Angela Buffoni   

Photo Triggers in Action

LIP Annuale GA10 2017

Urban Photo Fest 2017

Art is Relative 2017 - 2018

Nick Raynsford on Water February 2018

Liquid Poetry - the Wonder of Water - Patrick Macrory  - March 2018

Sea in the City

Mother Daughter Moments

Sean Myers













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