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The Executive



The Greenwich Gallery is a small, intimate gallery that has been running for more than ten years near to the heart of Greenwich Village.


The Greenwich Gallery exhibits mostly photographic work and has hosted more than 100 shows. It specialises in solo exhibitions of themed, cutting-edge work.



Our Values


Encouraging the viewer to think about the importance of the world that is reflected in the photographs on show has been one of the hallmarks of The Greenwich Gallery. Seeking to discover, to preserve and transmit culture has been at the heart of the program that has been on offer since its inception.


Our criterion for acceptance is broad, but ultimately is at our discretion. Preference is given to photographic work showing high quality, project based images.



The Space


The Greenwich Gallery measures approximately 4 x 5 meters, is well lit with daylight from two ceiling windows and spotlights in addition. It features an attractive slate floor and the white walls are filled, cleaned and repainted between exhibitions. Optionally, the brick wall on one side can be hung with a large, white panel for picture display. We also offer the use of a 42” plasma screen if required.





The Gallery can be hired for a minimum of a 2-week period.  Our affordable pricing policy reflects the fact that the artist is responsible for curating and all publicity, insurance etc., including private view arrangements and weekend invigilation. We do not take a commission, but if work is sold a voluntary contribution to the gallery is most welcome.  Quotes are given on an individual basis, on acceptance of work and are based on the following:


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Gallery 2
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