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Colomb Street Cousins Return to Greenwich to Exhibit their Paintings


Greenwich born cousins, artists Mark Cowland and John Baker, are returning to the Royal Borough to exhibit their work together for the first time. Their exhibition runs 08 to 22 December 2017 at The Greenwich Gallery, Linear House, Peyton Place SE10 8RS.


Mark and John exhibit their work individually in the UK, particularly London and Kent. John has also shown his work in Europe. This collaboration in Greenwich will comprise a compelling mix of original oil and watercolour paintings as well as Giclee and lino prints, illustrations and etchings.


Sons of sisters, Mark and John’s family has a long association with the area. At least five generations of John’s ancestors were born in Colomb Street and Mark’s predecessors lived in various Royal Borough locations. For a short time the Bakers and Cowlands lived together under the same roof in Colomb Street.


John Baker (66)


John has been exhibiting his work at home and internationally for more than 40 years. In the 1970s he represented Great Britain as a springboard diver in the Commonwealth and Olympic Games. John has contributed to local arts festivals and spent time in local schools encouraging and stimulating interest in sport and art, particularly during the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games.


He developed his distinctive style whilst still at school, trained in watercolour technique by his art master and artistic mentor, Jim Riddock and the artist Jack Taylor. He soon expanded into mixed media, combining watercolour, gouache, ink, chalk, wax and collage. He is inspired by artists like Marc Chagall and the spiritual Romantics, such as William Blake and Samuel Palmer, as well as the French Romantics: Francois Boucher, for example. His subject matter reflects his abiding interest in archaeology and medieval history, albeit with some contemporary themes entering his oeuvre along the way.


Mark Cowland(62)


After attending Rochester Art School in Kent in the early 70’s, Mark began a career in illustration at several London based studios. His professional career then progressed into broader design projects and production.

In the 90’s Mark set up a full service advertising agency with his then business partner Mike Regan. As Creative Director, he was responsible for the creative direction and output of the agency which produced advertising campaigns for a broad range of clients utilising a diversity of media including national and international TV and radio, press, specialist publications and direct mail.


Since moving on from the world of commercial advertising, Mark has rekindled his original passion: painting and illustrating. His subject matter is mostly inspired by his home town of Whitstable (where he has lived for the past 11 years) with its stunning sunsets and marine heritage – linking him back to Greenwich and its maritime history.Double click to insert body text here ...

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